Holding Space

I've been feeling pretty dark for most of the day. Ironic as it's been blue skies and sun, but my heart hurts...

My instinct is always to help people- to find solutions, aids, anything to improve their situation. Well meaning advice has often spilled from my mouth.

The holding of space for someone to live THEIR life and make THEIR own choices is one of the harder learned lessons in my life.

Empathy is my highest blessing and yet, it can be hard to step back and "see' things, when you are feeling someone else's pain.

I breathe and remind myself that this is what I need to do.

I love you, I see you, I feel you and I hold space for you, on YOUR  journey, whatever that may bring.

I remember times when my well meant words have planted false seeds in another truth. I am so sorry. I came from a place of love, but that is no excuse at all.

I am learning.

In love and light


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