How do we find our thoughts?

You know how it goes. You get lost in the whirlwind of the days - in the routine, or lack of it. 

You don't have time to consider how your feeling amongst the cries for snacks and the arguments about who has which toy.

Your morning caffeine has barely kicked in before some 'crisis' or another arises.

Time in the day marches on and you're experiencing emotions in your body that your conscious mind has not even accepted to be present.

This is how we end up with knotty shoulders, screaming at our children, or our partners, or just bursting into tears.

Listening to our inner voice is not necessarily something we are taught to do as children. We have very little notion of what it is to sit and listen to our emotions and feelings - there's always a distraction, some TV show, a phone call, or a tiny bottom that needs cleaning.

Sometimes it takes work to find out what is actually going on in your own head! Sitting in peace is not always an option.

One of my favorite tools for this is my journal. I may not write in it daily, or even regularly, but it's there when I need it; when my mind cannot process what my body is feeling. Sometimes putting pen to paper can pull thoughts that I didn't even know were there and this, in turn, can help me find a path to a clearer mind. To find solutions. To find peace.

Try writing. Have a blessed day, L xx

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