Time to stop

Isn’t it funny how sometime fate steps in when we’re doing too much! This trip has been a wonderful flurry of travel, wondrous sights and special family moments, but we’re all a little weary – especially the kids.

So, when we left this morning, intending to get a 6 hour drive under our belts and the engine on Truckasaurus started making funny noises…… some disappointment and some relief!

So here we are – an unexpected stop on top of the mountains of Utah. We were soooo lucky –  a Ford garage and a lovely RV park both within a mile of where we decided to stop and make a decision. Luck or fate? We even have good Wi-fi!! (This is a big deal after being signal-less in Yellowstone for many days!) Time to catch up with friends, do some work, write some lyrics or poetry, cuddle and sing. Cosy in our camper.

I made us all a good meal and now we’re settling in for an early night. I am thankful for this misfortune. My glass is most definitely half full and my cup run-eth over.

Have a great night friends

Much love, Laura xx



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