Who Is The Chantress?

The Chantress is a new creation, born from the ashes of a life consumed. 
She was concerned with the opinions of others, schooled in ways not of her soul and spent, with every sip of breast milk, as she created and raised life. 

She is a creature of joy, with the wisdom of knowing nothing and the faith to walk, to trust in the process and the fruit that it bears.

She sees the divine and vibrant life force within- and without; the magik of word medicine, tiny bottles of essential oil, lovingly harvested and shared, in the natural world that surrounds her, in the faces of her children, in the patterns of chords, the glow of the moon or the erupting thunderstorm. 

Always learning, loving, creating. 

She believes in the connectedness of all things and the freedom of the sacred voice from within- that place from which the seed swells and is either stifled, forced or allowed to flourish, grow and bloom.

The Chantress is a blossom. 

Rooted firmly in the earth, drawing the fire from the molten core, moving with the tides, with hands raised to the sky.


Heart Led Celebrant in Training

Botanical Alchemist


To share love and healing with the world, using my innate gifts and my passions